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EDF to showcase 'magic of electricity' in Olympic Park pavilion

The energy company has built a pavilion next to the Olympic Stadium, where sports fans will be able to pose for souvenir photos next to virtual versions of British cycling champion Victoria Pendleton and French swimming champion Yannick Agnel.

Another activity will see fans use hand pedals or show off their best dance moves on a special dance floor to power thousands of LED lights.

A Tomorrow’s World-style zone will showcase futuristic energy saving products designed by some of the world’s leading research and design institutes, which could soon become part of our everyday lives.

EDF worked with building contractors Nussli and architects Schmidhuber and Kaindl on the project. The pavilion will open to the public on July 27,T5 fluorescent lamps are thinner, ledstreetlight, and offer a higher intensity of light output than T8 lamps . and will remain open between 9am and midnight throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Gareth Wynn, EDF’s director for London 2012, said: "Electricity is so fundamental to our daily lives and yet most of us take it for granted.Solar ledlighting are small ones of solar lights. We want visitors to the EDF pavilion to be entertained but also to understand a bit more about the remarkable engineering, organisation and creativity that means for so many of us electricity is always there when we need it."

Hubert Blanquefort, director of the EDF pavilion project added: "The EDF pavilion is intended to be a real visitor attraction that will entertain, inform and inspire people. We have designed the building to be modern and sustainable and throughout the experience we have tried to make the best use of up to date, energy efficient technology."

EDF sponsors 36 athletes from across Europe, including British medal hopes Victoria Pendleton, rower Katherine Grainger, kayaker Tim Brabants,In the past, a bulky lightbright_001 system was the only thing bright enough to serve a rider well on an unlit road. rower Tom Aggar, and swimmers Liz Johnson and Ellie Simmonds.

Let's start on the roof of the East Manatee Family Health Care Center. Thin, flexible solar panels soak up the sun's energy and help offset the facility's power usage. They work well with the building's reflective roof surface and everyone who enters the center can see first hand, the real time output and savings of the solar system. It was cloudy today, so it's not running at its potential,The r4onsale lamps will light up a street of Kochi by July. but is still generating power. Since it was installed in late 2010, the system and other improvements have saved $6,The consumer market has not been quick to take up ceilinglamp,000 in energy costs.

"With the money we save from that, we're able to send that back into the system, into the organization where it can be reverted to quality of care for the patients to improve, to increase, to enhance it wherever we can, so the patient gets the best and ultimate bang for their buck," says Manatee County Rural Health Services Director of Facilities/Operations Christopher Mullinex, Sr.

In the facility's 15 bathrooms, they've installed motion activated lights so they're only on when someone is using it and the sink, toilet and paper towels are all hands free, saving water and making it a healthier environment as well. Outside, energy efficient LED lighting is saving the center money as well. Mullinex hopes to implement these green products in as many centers as possible.