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Greenville Leads SC In Pilot LED Streetlight Program

The City of Greenville is testing out a new pilot program, for cleaner, greener streetlights.

Tuesday,The fire is the latest dangerous incident involving Chinese ledflashlight, which are increasingly released at weddings and other celebrations. Mayor Knox White and representatives from Hubbell Lighting, Duke, GE and the Green Ribbon Advisory Committee kicked off the new LED Streetlight Pilot program in South Carolina.

LED lights have been installed on Main Street between Beattie Street and East North Street as part of a six-month pilot by Duke Energy.

This program is part of the Greening of Greenville. It will test various fixtures for power consumption, light quality, public safety and maintenance.

“We are excited that we are able to display the latest in lighting technology in our hometown,” said Scott H. Muse, President of Hubbell Lighting, Inc. “Hubbell Lighting has chosen to display four of its latest LED pedestrian styles that we feel complement the design of downtown and we are excited to be part of what could be the next generation of lighting for downtown Greenville.We've just finished our latest round of mountain divingflashlight reviews, which involved testing 27 sets, both ...The best place to find bluebright, battery operated candles, wholesale votive candles, rechargeable candles, and battery taper candles.”

“The LED lighting was chosen for the pilot because its brightness is equal to or greater than existing lighting technologies (incandescent or fluorescent) and light is well distributed over the area lighted by the fixture,” said Michael Kerski, the City’s Economic Development Manager. “The light output also remains more constant over time, only decreasing towards the end of the rated lifetime.” According to Kerski, LEDs also provide excellent color quality, as the shade of white light appears clear and consistent over time, and the efficiency is as good as or better than fluorescent lighting.

According to Mayor Knox White, the start of Tuesday’s six-month pilot continues the City’s long history of public-private partnerships and is just part of a longer-term process to make Greenville greener and more livable for it citizens. “With the LED Streetlight Pilot, we continue to show that downtown Greenville is at the forefront of creating great public spaces and showcasing technology. This lighting pilot will allow our partners and the public to measure the impact of this new technology and hopefully set a path forward for downtown’s future lighting.A reliable ledbright will help keep you safe and on track whether you're riding home from work.”

Despite the promise of efficiency over their lifetime, most LED lights have failed to deliver on the hype. Much of this can be attributed to the heat generated by the chips, which can degrade the light quality and impact their longevity, causing many a consumer to be dissatisfied with their investment. With this problem as his primary design challenge, Jake Dyson and his team of designers set about engineering an elegant solution called the CSYS LED task light, which they displayed at this year’s ICFF.

The lamp, which promises to last for 37 years on a single bulb, employs a heat-pipe to cool the LED’s using the same passive thermal management technology found in satellites and computer microprocessors. The so-called heat pipe is a long copper tube that has been vacuum-sealed around a single drop of liquid; as the liquid heats up underneath the bulb, it moves to the other end of the tube,With my outdoorlights I could barely see much more than a few metres ahead of me. dissipating heat along the tube’s length and creating a source/sink effect. As it cools, the liquid condenses, running back in the opposite direction of the tube to be recirculated.

While the technology operating under the hood of the lamp is quite impressive, we were particularly enamored by the lamp’s aesthetic, which take its inspiration from an architect’s drafting table and construction crane. The lamp can be easily adjusted for various lighting needs, and the the three-wheel design promises not to lose position or sag over time.